Job Summary:

The Element Assembler I will assist in all aspects of manufacturing Reverse Osmosis Elements. This includes:
• Material preparation
• Building assemblies
• Product testing
• Shipping/receiving

The job also includes:
• Facility maintenance
• Assisting other departments
• Other tasks as required

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

There are four principle areas in the manufacturing of elements.

1. Material Preparation. This involves collecting parts for assembly, gluing, and pre-assembly of some parts and preparation of membrane for assembly. Membrane work involves the use of glues. This also requires organization skills.
2. Assembling Stacks. Elements are assembled in multiples, and held together with glue and tape. Mechanical aptitude is required.
3. Element Testing. Each element is tested for performance, accuracy, and quality. This activity requires the individual to be detailed, instrument savvy and analytical.
4. Shipping of Product. An ability to read, understand, pull and box orders properly is required. It is vital that the individual be able to complete shipping documents accurately and timely.

Employees are expected to produce high quality products in a teamwork environment. They will be evaluated on their productivity, the number of different tasks they can perform, the quality of work, and the ability to work in a team.

The individual needs to have a positive attitude and be willing to grow in task performance. The person will operate in a manner that is safe for themselves and others.

Education and/or Experience Required:

Employees will have a high-school diploma or GED.
Employees will be able to read, write, and speak English with competence. Employees will have the ability to follow instructions (written and oral).
Employees will be able to proficiently work with numbers.
Computer knowledge is a plus, but not required.
Employees should be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
Employees should demonstrate mechanical and physical dexterity.
Employees should be aware that work areas may be noisy.


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