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Whether you are a small mom and pop shop, or a fortune 500 company, Strategic Staffing treats each of our clients as a VIP – “Very Important Partner.” Since we opened our doors in 1989, Strategic Staffing has taken pride in our communication and “personal touch” approach to doing business.

In your initial contact with Strategic Staffing, we will take the time to gain a solid understanding of not only the responsibilities and desired skill set of the position you are looking to fill, but also of your company as a whole. Taking this extra time to get to you know you and your company allows our team to not only locate an individual who will go above and beyond your expectations, but also someone who will excel in your company culture.

The Strategic Advantage

Strategic Staffing truly wants to be the vendor of choice for our clients. We take the time to not just “fill a position” but to build a strategic partnership between you, your account manager and top candidates on the market.

Ways to Hire

Whether you need one employee or hundreds of employees, Strategic Staffing takes pride in offering comprehensive hiring options to meet your needs.

Temporary Placement

Hiring for a short or long term project? Vacation, disability or maternity leave? Need extra help through your busy season or to help you get caught up on a backlog of work? Strategic Staffing can help. We have an abundance of contract employees who are readily available for both short and long term temporary assignments.

Temporary to Hire Placement

The perfect option when you need to fill an open position quickly, but want to mitigate risk before hiring them directly. This option allows you to evaluate a new employee and see how they fit within your company culture all while Strategic Staffing is liable for all employment costs and risks. Once the evaluation period is up, and you find the employee is exceeding your expectations, they are hired directly by your company.

Direct Hire Placement

Our clients choose this option when looking to fill key roles within their company. The employee is hired directly onto your company payroll, but unlike recruiting on your own, is covered by a guarantee from Strategic Staffing.

Contingent Placement

Have a candidate in mind, but only need them short term or are not ready to hire them directly? Take advantage of our contingent payroll service. You provide the employee and we do the rest. Unlike your typical payroll service, Strategic Staffing is the actual employer of record. As the employer of record, Strategic Staffing incurs all of the costs and risks including of hiring and employment.


What sets Strategic Staffing apart from it’s competitors?

Of course we have an infinite amount of good things to say about our services, what we provide, and why we are well respected in the industry, but the main quality that sets us apart is our pro-active, relationship driven, and consultative approach to doing business:

  1. Prior to servicing your account, we will meet with your company in order to gain a thorough understanding of your company, its personnel, and the overall environment. Our staff will then be able to create a successful “match,” in both skill set and personality, not just a placement; therefore, reducing turnover and saving you time and money. This will also allow us to learn the current challenges, if any, you are facing and show you how we can work together to overcome them.
  2. Proactive Staffing Plan – This is a tool which we will share with you and your company. The SSP eliminates reactive staffing and promotes proactive staffing. Most of our clients go through peaks and valleys in business, and this plan allows for us to be prepared to manage these changes. Of course, we are also experts at coming through in a pinch when needed.
  3. Cost Analysis – For budgeting needs, we also provide you with a cost analysis. This is effective when presenting usage to Financial Management and/or your Board of Directors. These departments may see utilizing a staffing agency as an additional expense, when in actuality our costs analysis shows the time and money your company saves when working with Strategic Staffing.
  4. Recruiting efforts – We practice what we preach. Strategic Staffing is consistently recruiting top talent in the area to be prepared to meet our client’s needs both quickly and efficiently. Ongoing recruitment, even during your slow season, allows us to be prepared in the event you have an unforeseen spike in business.
  5. Quality Control & Service Audit – this is just one of the many reports Strategic Staffing will offer you as a client and is an excellent tool to review and audit the services provided to you. This can also be customized to deliver any information your company deems necessary.

How do you screen candidates?

Our staffing consultants interview each potential Strategic Staffing applicant prior to referring him or her to any of our clients. This is a key step in evaluating the candidate’s technical abilities and business knowledge, as well as his or her professionalism, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. As part of the in-house interview process, each applicant fills out a comprehensive skills questionnaire and submits a current resume which is imported into our database and immediately matched against current requirements. We use this interview to better understand the individual’s technical experience, personality, skill level, and work ethic, so that we place the candidate in the career and culture best suited to his or her background. We perform customized technical testing, background checks, and drug testing upon client request.

What is the average response time a customer can expect when requesting resources for a given requirement?

Strategic Staffing guarantees that every candidate submitted is pre-qualified with regards to available start time, available interview times, travel requirements, and rate. Depending on the experience requested, we can submit several qualified candidates for immediate needs, and usually within 24 hours for more in depth positions.

Do you offer background and drug testing services?

Strategic Staffing offers a variety of background checks including criminal, social security tracking, education verification, employment verification, professional licenses and certifications. Upon obtaining candidate approval these checks are performed by a specialty firm in a confidential and professional manner. We have also partnered with one of the top drug testing vendors in the country to offer drug testing upon client request.

I don't see an office in the city where I am located. Does that mean you can't help me?

Of course, we can help you. Strategic Staffing has branch offices which can service all of Southern California. All of our offices utilize a standard service delivery model to guarantee that you will experience the same Strategic Staffing quality and reliability throughout our organization.

As a hiring manager, why should I use Strategic Staffing?

Strategic Staffing truly wants to be the vendor of choice for our clients. Due to a mature service model and innovative approach to partnering with our clients, Strategic Staffing has been able to develop a very strong presence in virtually every market in Southern California. As a result we are able to secure the best and most elite talent. We offer strong suite of retention and training programs as well as a variety of benefits to our contractors, many of whom are long standing professionals who we have worked with us for many years. Secondly, all of our clients are given a dedicated Account Management team to build a program for their unique needs.

What is involved in your recruiting process?

Our Staffing Consultants work closely with hiring managers prior to and during the search process to:

  • Build a complete understanding of the client’s needs, including the chemistry of the company, technical requirements, start date, duration, and financial parameters.
  • Work in a manner which is comfortable to client personnel, and adhere to client administrative procedures.
  • Discover the personality type which will best match the chemistry of the department.
  • Identify appropriate candidates in conjunction with Strategic’s agents.
  • Provide managers with resumes of prospective candidates.
  • Arrange suitable interview times and methods.
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract.

What kind of invoicing can I expect?

Strategic Staffing handles all billing and payroll functions internally. We are able to generate invoices that accommodate our customers’ individual requirements. For example, invoices can be generated by department or for the entire company on a weekly basis and are net due upon receipt. Additionally, multiple employees may be combined on one invoice or billed separately. Invoices are always accompanied by signed timecards. If a company has specific needs that do not fit within our standard billing process, Strategic Staffing will try to accommodate those needs.

What kind of back-office support can a client expect from Strategic Staffing?

Strategic Staffing is committed to providing a full service team to our clients. While our Staffing Consultants specialize in understanding your front office objectives, Strategic’s Post Sales Service Team was established to ensure Strategic Staffing provides you with top-notch back office support as well.

How many staffing companies are there in the U.S.?

There are about 6,000 firms that have been in business a year or more. Those companies operate approximately 20,000 offices. ASA member companies operate more than 15,000 offices across the nation and account for more than 85% of U.S. industry sales.

How big is the staffing industry?

The staffing industry generated approximately $87 billion in sales in 2006: $72 billion from temporary and contract staffing and $15 billion in search and permanent placement services.

What accounts for the growth of the industry?

America’s work force is changing as more and more people are looking for the flexibility that contingent and temporary work provides. Companies are tapping into the flexible labor market to keep fully staffed during busy times after a recent lay off, projects, seasonal work, and overall increases in business.