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Strategic Technical Services

Each one of Strategic Staffing’s client companies is also a VIP—our ‘Very Important Partner’— whose managers are our colleagues sharing with us in the endeavor to find the best and brightest employees.

‘VIP’ Program

Learn about the Strategic Staffing ‘VIP’ Program:

•  Proactive Staffing
•  Cost Analysis
•  Quality Assurance
•  Staffing & Service Audits

Strategic Staffing's Very Important Partner (VIP) Program integrates clients into the staffing experience in order to create an environment that provides opportunities for developing a sustained competitive advantage.

The program is a simple, common sense approach to optimizing the overall staffing process.

Let’s face it.  Administering a company-wide staffing program can be extremely challenging.  Hiring/firing decisions… employee conflicts…it’s tough to have so many fires to put out.  And it’s hard to be the “Answer Person” when the questions are constantly changing and you’ve got only yourself or an overworked HR team to turn to. 

Imagine how much easier it would be if you had a partner. This is exactly what you will find with Strategic Staffing.


Proactive Staffing


Strategic Staffing provides on-trend, anticipatory, proactive leadership in finding and placing high-quality workers with our client VIPs.  We don’t wait for problems to occur.  We act in anticipation of future changes in the staffing needs of our client partners.  We help you control expected and unexpected hiring situations.  Strategic Staffing continually:

•  Develops and implements new recruiting and placement solutions.
•  Hires top staffing agents and thoroughly trains each one in business, technology, professionalism and placement.
•  Develops new talent

Cost Analysis


Working with our customer VIPs, Strategic Staffing develops strategies to attain a competitive workforce through analysis of employee compensation and benefits, special training requirements, special relocation programs and alternative work schedules.  Key elements of our Cost Analysis process include:

•  Cost Allocation—This is simply part of program budgeting and accounting practices, which allow managers to determine the true cost of providing the staffing service.  At the program or agency level, it means setting up budgeting and accounting systems in a way that allows program managers to determine a unit cost or cost per unit of service.  This information is primarily a management tool.
•  Cost-effectiveness Analysis—This assumes that a certain benefit or outcome is desired, and that there are several alternative ways to achieve it.
•  Cost-benefit Analysis—This process involves, whether explicitly or implicitly, weighing the total expected costs against the total expected benefits of one or more actions in the staffing process in order to choose the best or most profitable option.
Quality Assurance

Our goal at Strategic Staffing Inc. is to provide you with quality employees at all times.  Quality Assurance (QA) is the activity of providing evidence needed to establish quality in work, and proving that activities that require excellent performance are being carried out efficiently and effectively.  QA consists of all those planned or systematic actions necessary to provide employer, employee and staffing agency with confidence that the service satisfies the given requirements for quality.

In order for us to maintain a high level of customer service, it is necessary for us to gather data about customers, services, network elements and contracts, and to make periodic checks on our employees placed with our customers.

The Strategic Staffing Quality Assurance Plan is as follows:

•  On the first day of the employee's assignment we will telephone you to ensure our employee arrived on time.
•  At the end of the first day we will follow up with you again to determine if our employee's performance and attitude have satisfied your specifications.
•  That same day we will follow up with our employee at home to find out their experience with your company.  Pertinent information will be shared with you.
•  For longer term assignments, monthly follow up calls to our employees at home in the evening will also be completed.
•  Weekly follow up calls are made to ensure productivity, dependability, and quality.
•  When our employee completes his/her assignment, a short form will be sent to you to evaluate overall performance, skill and attitude (as requested).

Computerized Office Testing

Strategic Staffing Inc. uses one of the most technologically advanced skills assessment systems for the staffing industry.  We are able to evaluate applicants on their level of knowledge for almost any skill set and/or computer program and will cater the evaluations given to your specific position.

Our testing is done using the most advanced, comprehensive, PC-based system for evaluating and enhancing the skills of today's office personnel.  We are an innovative leader in this industry, setting the standard for skills evaluation and training.

Service Audit

One of the keys to assessing the successful implementation of the staffing service process is to have a realistic understanding of the working relationship between an employer and the newly placed employee.  Specifically, all parties—company, employee and staffing agency—require honest feedback on whether or not the company properly integrated the newly assigned staff member(s) into its operations and how each new staff person subsequently performed his/her duties.  The purpose of a Service Audit is to ensure that the client, the employee and the staffing firm share an accurate evaluation of the working relationship and the mutual cooperation required to make that relationship succeed.

Our Service Audit Partnership (SAP) is a mutual auditing arrangement which aims to optimize the quality of the service provided by Strategic Staffing to its clients.  Strategic Staffing developed this standardized audit process to ensure an ongoing and proper adherence by all parties to each of its policies and procedures related to staffing. During the audit process, we observe, evaluate and comment on all customer service activities provided by us from beginning to end in order to verify our efficiency and effectiveness or identify issues of concern and implement any recommendations for improvement.  The SAP process consists of:

Phase 1: The Internal Audit
The analysis conducted seeks findings in six critical areas:
•  Management Commitment
•  Employee Motivation & Performance
•  Quality Measurements
•  Customer and Staff Feedback
•  Customer Sensitive Procedures
•  Education and Training
Phase 2: Consultants Report
Once our SAP (Service Audit Partnership) is complete, all data is collated and organized into a detailed report. Areas of strength and weakness are highlighted and comparisons are drawn between internal and external customer perceptions.  The final report presents Strategic Staffing's recommendations for service improvement and can serve as a benchmark for future performance measurements.